Project Description

The Marker Hotel San Francisco

When The Marker Hotel San Francisco underwent a rebranding effort in tandem with the Destination Hotels co-branding and rebranding initiative, Aperture Solutions was called on to develop an interim brand style guide and update new collateral with the reimaged standards.

Our creative team listened to the needs of The Marker Hotel, researched the property, local area, its prospective guests and then developed creative concepts that we felt best suited their needs. The concepts included a refreshed color palette, typography, development of logo usage, and new graphic elements. We used the eclectic patterns and whimsical colors present at the property as inspiration for the color palette and graphic elements; then we considered our target audience, the longstanding history of the location, and what visual elements might best reflect them. All of these aspects were carefully crafted and then tastefully applied to items, creating continuity between the guest room, front desk, and other collateral items while using more than just a logo to evoke the new brand’s presence. You can see this in our use of color blocked stripes and a delicate swirl pattern, which were inspired by the unique wallpaper used in the guest rooms.

We demonstrated how each of our concepts might be applied to on-property and guest-facing collateral. After presenting these concepts to the property, key decision makers narrowed down their selection to the one you see featured below.

In The Marker’s new brand style guide, we further refined and established what the brand elements are, such as logos and typography, and how to properly apply them across a variety of mediums. We used this as a guide as we moved from the concept phase of the project into the actual creation of branded collateral, including print and merchandise items. Materials were sourced to fit the customer’s budget, specifications and guest preferences, and the branding was applied according to specifications in the style guide.

As with any design project we take on, we kept in constant contact with The Marker throughout the design and revision process. Once all product designs were approved by the brand, the Aperture Solutions engaged core, in-house departments and staff to get files quickly proofed and produced. Having a single team working together for The Marker allowed for a seamless and expedited process to get products in-hand and on-property.

Upon printing, items were inventoried and later fulfilled and distributed when orders were placed on the personalized brand portal our web solutions team created. In addition, The Marker was given a copy of the brand style guide to ensure their current and future collateral remained on brand moving forward into the future.

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