The Opportunity

This luxury management group came to Aperture Solutions seeking to leverage the buying power of a complete portfolio, instituting a large-scale brand program, while maintaining the unique personalities of each property and location.

Leveraging Scale for Cost Savings and Custom Solutions
While Preserving Individuality.


• Executed comprehensive discovery process at both corporate and a sampling of properties to identify specific needs and current program environment from which to build a multifaceted program that included:

• Collecting samples of each item,

• Analyzing invoices for hidden costs,

• Comparing item-level pricing to identify opportunities for savings,

• Estimating annual usage by item, and

• Optimizing specifications where appropriate.

• Packaged findings and opportunities to enhance current program to align with specific needs.

Our Solutions

Enhancements to service included:

• Defined service level expectations.

• Created inventory programs.

• Designed a custom brand portal for easier online ordering and encouraged participation within brand programs and standards.

• Managed brand guidelines and participation.

• Added graphic design and product development services.

The Outcome

In leveraging scale, this management group was able to realize 17-20% in savings when using products with the same specifications as the previous program and 30-35% savings with re-engineered, optimized specifications/processes.

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