Project Description

The Client:

Penny’s Diner brings a unique 1950s twist to classic American dishes, including hamburgers and made-from-scratch shakes, malts, and old-fashioned sundaes. With 28 locations across the US, this nostalgic, fast casual dining experience razzes the berries of all its visitors.

The Need:

While Penny’s Diner wished to create brand consistency across their multiple restaurant locations, they lacked a brand style guide as well as brand assets. Because each location was originally in charge of printing their own menus, there were several inconsistencies across the various locations. The Marketing Team at Aperture Solutions stepped in to unify and expand their brand beyond their existing logo.

The Process:

Our first phase of collaboration involved developing a brand style guide detailing the typography, correct logo usage, colors, and graphic elements used by Penny’s Diner. We drew inspiration from the pastel color palettes and funky shapes that were popular during the 1950s and put a modern spin on the style with typography and images that represent a typical American style 24/7 diner.

Next, we applied the branding to various Penny’s Diner collateral. In the past, each restaurant operated independently when it came to menus, signage, back-of-house materials, and other collateral such as lapel pins and coloring sheets. We developed consistent brand colors and designs that would function across all locations and that would be easy to update over time.

The Solution:

The client’s ultimate goal was to really begin building out their brand identity and increase their number of locations. We provided an avenue toward that success by building a brand style that combines the 1950s design elements and vibrant shades with the signature Penny’s Pink as the central focus. The new menu design uses unique shapes to draw attention to featured menu areas. Along with the signature Penny’s Pink, several new colors were added to the style guide, including a bright cherry red, teal blue, and black text for maximized legibility. This new menu structure is organized, easy to read, and consistently formatted, and the program has been successfully rolled out and implemented across all properties.

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