The Opportunity

Opening a new property is an extensive process requiring a number of qualified and diversified partners. A S Hospitality was initially chosen to support this luxury resort and restaurant collection’s print and product development needs as it prepared to open, from hotel and casino operational collateral to branded promotional products like luggage tags and wet bags to F&B materials like menus and to-go boxes/bags/stickers.

During the process, however, the leadership realized products for the property’s casino that had been originally developed by an external agency weren’t going to function as imagined and didn’t align with the property’s vision of sophisticated leisure. Recognizing the potential problems, the leadership turned to Aperture Solitions’ expertise and all-inclusive brand delivery capabilities. In collaboration with property leadership, Aperture Solutions was able to strategically and professionally redesign the products to enhance operational functionality and encourage stronger operational efficiencies once the property opened.

On-site project management delivers
speed-to-market, cost reductions
and on-trend solutions.

Our Processes

• Collaborated with on-site management to deliver and execute critical items needed for opening by coordinating efforts by land and sea with key stakeholders.

• Identified and developed full list of print collateral required for property opening.

• Continued assessment and evaluation with senior leadership across property and internally at A S Hospitality to coordinate distribution requirements in the most cost effective manner.

• Identified and redesigned items that would enhance functionality.

• Fulfilled and distributed palletized items from warehouse to destination.

Custom Solutions

• Provided on-site project management to support each stakeholder across the campus to determine product requirements, specifications, design, usage, and required approvals. This collaboration extended from the central property to other on-site hotel brands as well as third-party providers.

• Delivered on brand and on trend creative solutions to aid on-site marketing as well as the contracted agency with the high volume of design needs. Aperture Solutions’ marketing & creative services was able to design collateral and promotional items to ensure deadlines were met and speed to market was not sacrificed.

• Supported on-property management to redefine/value engineer products for cost take out without sacrificing quality.

• Developed and designed a continued support model for product replenishments, including a customized brand portal that integrates with Birchstreet.

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