The Opportunity

Aperture Solutions was sought to help this select-service corporate brand establish a refined and efficient New Property Opening Program with the objective of streamlining account setups and order placements while managing risks and rushes. Additionally, Aperture Solutions was able to pull from its portfolio of experts to support dynamic and highly complex F&B programs. Developing the program infrastructure required close attention to detail to ensure seamless color matching and consistency across a wide variety of paper and non-paper substrates, including: clings, chipboard, coated and uncoated stocks, and labels.

Customized and Strategic Onboarding Plan
Position Established Brand for Growth.


• Enlisted a specialized team of Aperture Solutions staff highly educated on the products, processes, and timing required to outfit new properties.

• Collaborated with corporate executives to build-out innovation enhancements, including integration with corporate applications for new GM and autoship options.

Our Solutions

• Synchronization of the unique needs and timelines between management companies, corporate, properties, and procurement management firms with ongoing assistance from Aperture Solutions in the forms of management, compliance oversight, and project management specific to each property (from pipeline thru opening).

• Robust brand portal solution customized for the F&B programs that allows for on-demand orders and fulfillment.

• Warehousing and inventory management that maximizes production runs and creates a seamless order-to-fulfillment process.

• Production of paper and non-paper substrates with consistent color and quality to reinforce brand image.

The Outcome

The branded portal solution has resulted in an exponential increase in the number of items ordered, resulting in increased scale for the program and leading to cost savings. The system easily manages multiple versions of an item, which reduces time and money spent on ordering incorrect items. Additionally, the portal allows for a combination of stock and POD, optional offerings, and increases adherence to brand standards to reinforce brand image.

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