An extension of your team, our mission is your success.

Our customers are supported by a team of industry specialists who work within our comprehensive approach to deliver dependable solutions that are on brand, on budget and on time. Your Account Manager becomes an extension of your team — well-versed in your needs, your goals, your preferences, and how to best meet them all while connecting with hospitality trends. Collaborating with our industry- and brand-driven Customer Service and Client Development teams, your brand-centric Account Manager ensures top-level solutions are provided to support your marketing efforts. Each team is strategically selected based on your needs and their expertise. This synergetic approach leverages the experiences of our diverse experts to ensure all your expectations are met and exceeded.

Our intimate understanding of brand and depth of hospitality expertise are assets to your brand.

Your customer service

Our Client Development Team follows an in-depth, six-step process to discover the solutions that will best meet your expectations. Collaboratively with your dedicated Aperture Solutions Account Manager, the team develops personalized solutions that deliver the quality products you expect and with the time- and cost-savings you desire. Our experts work collaboratively internally, with you, and with your team to develop a comprehensive communication strategy as well as manage internal training and process implementations. Our sophisticated approach and open communication to serve your company and your brand allows us to discover opportunities and solutions that best fit your needs. 

We are committed to:

  • Building rapport with customers by greeting them in a courteous, friendly, and professional manner
  • Responding to common customer work/service order inquiries and requests
  • Supporting the complexity of custom orders and projects via a high amount of customer interaction
  • Ensuring that customers understand product information and providing additional information to customers as needed
  • Listening attentively and with empathy to customer needs and concerns
  • Preparing complete and accurate work
  • Communicating effectively with individuals/teams in the program to ensure high quality and timely expedition of customer requests
  • Effectively transferring misdirected customer requests to an appropriate party
  • Contributing ideas on ways to resolve problems to better serve the customer and/or improve productivity
  • Participating in activities designed to improve customer satisfaction and business performance
  • Identifying and determining requirements by working with customers
  • Answering inquiries by clarifying desired information, researching, locating, and providing information
  • Resolving problems by clarifying issues; researching and exploring answers and alternative solutions; implementing solutions
  • Fulfilling requests by clarifying information; completing transactions and managing requests
  • Maintaining call center database by inputting necessary information

Find Ease of Mind with Support and Protocols

Order Tracking Process

Specialized reports are developed to secure all necessary information to manage an account’s activities. The report tracks every detail of the order as well as serves to inform inventory management.

Process for Intervention

Any requests for cancellations, changes, or expedited services to orders can be managed through Customer Service.

Escalation Process

Escalations are managed through the Director of Customer Service to make communications simple and easy.

Customer Notification Process

Clients will receive a prompt verbal and written response about order delays or issues from the dedicated Account Manager. Notifications will include a detailed report of the issue as well as recommended solutions.

Customer Service Responsibilities

All Customer Service Representatives are trained in detail on each client, brand, products, and service requirements so that we can manage our client’s own prospective and existing customers’ needs.

Technical Support

Support for your brand-on-demand ePortal is available. Help through our IT department is available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. CST – 5 p.m. CST.

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