Project Description

The Need:

Every year hospitality companies across the US honor their housekeeping staff with a special week of gifts and glory for their hard work. In 2016, Marriott Vacation Club took Housekeeping Appreciation Week to a new level with a collection of fun, colorful and useful gifts. They envisioned imprinted phrases on the gift items with a Baudville influence. The whole week needed to revolve around positivity, enthusiasm and genuine appreciation.

The Process:

First we reviewed what items had been used in the past and infused those elements with the creativity and fun Marriott Vacation Club desired to offer. With the target price range in mind, the Aperture Solutions team created phrases of appreciation to imprint on each item, then managed the ordering process for each property allowing property managers to select and order the items they wanted to offer at their specific property.

The Solution:

From ideation to product delivery, the Aperture Solutions team delivered an end-to-end project that both Marriott Vacation Club corporate team members and housekeeping staff were thrilled with! Items in the collection of gifts included the following:
  • Jersey t-shirt
  • Water bottle
  • Utility tote bag
  • Canvas sport pack
  • Lunch bag
  • Carabiner flashlight
  • Round Tokens
  • Round buttons
  • Thank you cards

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