Project Description

The Client:

Loews Luxury Hotels and Resorts boasts over six decades of excellence in hospitality and are known for unique properties that match the distinctive vibe of their locations throughout the US and Canada. Although each property is different in it’s own way, the one thing that never wavers is a warm, welcoming atmosphere where business travelers, families and yes, even your four-legged friends feel right at home.

The Need:

Loews Hotels is an industry leader in it’s tailored amenity program designed to pamper pets. Historically, procurement of these amenities in the ‘Loews Loves Pets’ collection were fragmented across suppliers who were only able to provide one or two of the highly specialized items. The procurement team at Loews came to us seeking to unify the program process.

The Process:

The Aperture Solutions team came together to provide consistent brand items, inventory for on-demand shipment, simplify inventory management, as well as speed order processing and invoice payment activities afforded when partnering with a single property.

Part of the project process included leveraging a combination of existing and new relationships to successfully transition the Loews Loves Pets suite of amenities. In some cases, we found our partners to offer Loews cost neutral upgrades or comparable items, in others (especially where a patent was concerned) we forged new relationships with existing manufacturers which allowed us to prevent changes to already defined specifications and designs. A rolling implementation schedule was developed to phase in items as existing inventory levels were depleted.

The Solution:

In the end, Loews was delighted to finally house all of it’s pet program amenities under one roof. As a team, we were pleased to provide the effective service program that not only executed stylized sourcing and enhanced cohesiveness to branded applications, but also accounted for custom samples and prototypes plus a simple and effective inventory management system.

Solutions Involved

Product/Program Development

Fulfillment & Distribution
Product deliverables include: Food & Water Bowl Set, Custom Feeding Mat by Drymate, Bone-shaped Collar Tag, Waste Pick-up Bags/Carriers, Gift Bags and Pet-In-Room Door Hangers

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