Today’s hospitality and franchise brands are challenged on a daily basis to stand out in busy markets. We greets each challenge with a solution that keeps our brands one step ahead. Explore three stories that propel brands beyond the cluttered market and into a top position in the minds of their guests:

Positioned for Growth

Ritz-Carlton Collateral
The Ritz-Carlton’s Need: The brand wanted a paper color that was unique to The Ritz-Carlton as well as applied consistently across all on-property materials.

Dexter Solution: In collaboration with their agency partner, we worked with a paper mill to custom mix a blue paper that is exclusive to The Ritz-Carlton and available across all of their refreshed printed collateral. We delivered a truly unique product that stands out in the increasingly crowded luxury brand segment and reminds guests of the exclusivity that makes The Ritz-Carlton such an iconic brand.

Full-Service Solutions: Stylized sourcing, retail services, and tailored fulfillment.

Safehouse Collateral
Safehouse Need: Developing a program to support the dynamic needs of the retail market, including low cost small parcel shipping options, one-off order processing, e-commerce site development and maintenance was a request necessary for Safehouse to become even more prevalent as they increasingly market through tangible goods.

Dexter Solution: To develop and execute such dynamic solutions for Safe House, we were tapped to curate and source a collection of retail and operational items representative of the essence and experience of the iconic—and expanding—Safehouse brand. In addition to product development and e-commerce, customer support and fulfillment services are required to execute a comprehensive program of this nature. From start to finish, the campaign for a better system was met with solution details that stand a head above competitors.

Property-Specific Customizations

Jersey Mike's Online Portal System and Print Collateral
Jersey Mike’s Need: The franchise sought to infuse schematic photography and graphical elements without incurring the expense of manually touching files based on the needs of individual locations.

Dexter Solution: A fully customizable graphic experience is now viable, even within parameters defined by the brand. We call this, “Customization within a controlled environment.” Although property-specific customizations have long been available, we provided Brand Portal upgrades that delivered even more opportunities for advanced customization. Jersey Mike’s templates now have the flexibility for complex editing options with photo uploading/libraries and editing at the core. In addition to uploading property photography, users can now position, crop and rotate photos to achieve a truly custom product, without the hourly expenses traditionally associated with more advanced file editing. It’s important in the franchise culture, that these brand portals provide a “win” for more than just the company as a whole, but the individual locations as well.