Optimizing the intersection of brand vision, operational utility and customer experience without detriment to cost has been a tightrope brands have had to walk for decades. The demand for property level personalization and need for brand differentiation is greater than ever. Brands are capitalizing on new technologies and production processes to create tailored print and brand collateral programs meeting all of these needs with little compromise.

The pages to follow outline how these new approaches are being implemented to strike just the right balance of customization and economics.

End-to-end Programs Tailored to the Brand

Effective print and brand collateral programs are as unique as the brands themselves. The days of requesting one-off estimates, cookie cutter programs and deploying requests for proposals are dwindling. Brands are partnering with providers to move beyond ink on paper and build solutions that meet all cost and customization needs.

Technologies can now be employed allowing printing companies hold color consistency across all equipment and facilities. This means that programs can employ a mix of production methods within a brand program without variance in color or quality allowing for consistent adherence to brand standards.

Brands are realizing significant savings and business enhancing solutions when just the right recipe of production, inventory and distribution methods is achieved.

Re-engineered and Optimized Specifications and Processes Can Result in 30% Savings or More

Brands are achieving the greatest savings within their programs by strategically re-engineering program specifications. Re-engineering a program means that all aspects of the program are reviewed including products, production methods, usage, distribution and inventory. By analyzing the current program, small modifications can be identified resulting in gained efficiencies and cost savings without compromising quality or design. For example, modification to the size of a product as little as a quarter inch can result in significant savings due to the fact the alteration can allow for more efficient production and minimization of waste.

Balance of Brand & Property Customization

Brands are able to leverage their combined scale whilst adapting the message to localized marketing needs through customized online ordering platforms. Properties and franchisees are able to personalize and order the products they need in a controlled environment ensuring products are always “on brand.” The result is a highly optimized process that removes much of the time and all of the hassle.

Balanced, Intelligent Brand Execution from End-to-End

Is your process working for your brand? Are your production programs efficiently producing property-specific branding for your highest client engagement? At AS Hospitality, we’re here for the balancing act. Through new technologies and partnerships with brand delivery experts, programs can be optimized driving real business and brand enhancing results.

It is possible for your brand to achieve your vision, allow for property-level customizations and realize cost and time savings at the same time.
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