How to use wellness amenities to deliver experiences and build relationships with guests
Whether it’s a business or leisure trip, getting from one destination to another is often stressful and overwhelming. Within an industry centered on taking care of guests, it’s no surprise that properties and brands are taking on the well-being of their guests and helping them to disconnect from the woes of travel. And guests appreciate the access to useful and thoughtful amenities – especially business travelers or family vacationers that may have overlooked mainstay items while packing.

While some brands have a mission centered around mental and physical well being, all brands are in the business of taking care of their guests. Properties and brands that serve their guests’ well being are more likely to receive repeat stays and positive reviews, and wellness amenities are becoming increasingly expected as guests appreciate the offers to help them unwind, de-stress, and be mindful of health goals during their stay.

At check-in

Of course, the check-in experience is the first place to let guests know that their well being is a priority during their stay. Having an aromatherapy mist to spritz on at check-in can be rejuvenating – and could double as a way to promote on-property services such as a spa, fitness center, or aromatherapy room. You may also offer private-label coconut or aloe water or a glass of fruit-infused water at check-in, or let them know there are bottles awaiting them in their room.


There are ample opportunities to take care of their mind, body, and soul, in-room. The guestroom should serve as a home-away-from-home and provide an experiential environment at the same time. Make it easier to be active at your property by offering fitness gear, such as a yoga mat, exercise bands, and/or exercise balls, either by having them in-room or offer to bring them up to their room upon request. If your property is in a community with ample fitness and wellness-oriented off-property adventures, discovery cards (#2 on this list of items to boost guest engagement) can inspire exploration.

Bring attention to an on-property spa in the guestroom bathroom with mirror clings, a fresh loofa with a clever tag (this can double as an inexpensive gift guests can take with them off-property), or hydrating facial mist. Operational collateral, such as a keycard holder, can serve multiple purposes as it also promotes spa specials or hours.


Ever tried visiting the beach at a destination property in dress shoes or boots because the oh-so-necessary flip-flops and sandals had been overlooked? Having the proper attire to take advantage of on-site amenities is key to experiencing all your property has to offer. If you have an on-property fitness center, prepare for guests that may want to visit it but have forgotten their own gear by having gym clothes and shoes ready to loan.

Other amenities that pair well with on-site fitness centers:
  • Earbuds
  • Private-label water
  • Water bottles
  • Headbands
  • Hydrating towels
Place these or similar items in a prep area, inviting guests to use/take them as needed.

With an-property pool, offer private-label or travel-size sunscreen, poolside cool cucumbers for sunbathers, towels and robes for swimmers, and pool toys for kids (find more inspiration on these amenities here).

Delivering experiences

Aesthetically pleasing large-format printing can bring attention to on-site amenities. Create a frosted-glass look on entrances, or speak to your target guest’s desire for ambiance, inspiration, or drive with walls adorned with large-format images or quotes.
Rather than branding every item with your logo, brand the experience with how you anticipate and solve your guests inconveniences. Deliver requested items to guestrooms with tasteful packaging and an inspirational or personalized notecard. These details are crucial, as how your property chooses to package and deliver the items impacts the perceived value of the items.

Anticipating these needs and providing items in-room or having clever and tasteful means to promote amenities with collateral in-room and on the property will show guests the mindfulness of your brand. Take care of them, and they will take care of you.

Engage with our hospitality and brand experience specialists to start your wellness amenities program.